Pre-Order New Books

MENDEL’S HANUKKAH MESS UP (Kalaniot, 9-6-22) & THE TOWER OF LIFE (Scholastic, 10-4-22) are both available for pre-order. Check them at

Storystorm 2022 Post on Story Ideas

Read Chana’s post for Tara Lazar’s Storystorm 2022 and find out how she and her Picture the Books launch partners come up with story ideas! Click here.

New book announcements!

Takeaways for emerging children’s authors

Here’s the replay of my talk for YU Libraries and the Stern College Education Club about my writing journey and takeaways for emerging children’s authors. More than 70 people attended this event on Zoom on Dec. 8, 2020!

Our Children magazine

I recently started a new position as editor of the monthly Our Children magazine! Flip through my first issues of 2020.


2020 Author Visits

I’m booking author visits for 2020! Schedule your visit today!