Sky High

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Title: Sky High: Two men who couldn't keep their feet on the ground
Published by: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN13: 978-0-531-22558-5

Grades: 7-9


“Sky High” features Barrington Irving–the youngest person and first black pilot–to fly solo around the world, and Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium, who rocketed from geeky stargazer to world class scientist. Both men conquered doubts and fears to reach for the sky. The book is part of Scholastic’s “On the Record™” series for middle school.

About On the Record™

Middle School is not easy for many students. Many face a perfect-storm of social, emotional and academic issues that create barriers to their academic success and overall sense of self. The use of contemporary profiles in On the Record™ provides much sought after strategies for middle school students to tackle important social and emotional issues they encounter throughout adolescence. Sometimes harrowing, sometimes controversial, but always inspiring, On the Record™ uses compelling text, targeted discussions, and writing activities to get students thinking critically and writing creatively about their own lives.

Pairing profiles of contemporary figures, On the Record™ shares stories of struggle, perseverance, transcendence and transformation. Whether famous or quietly brilliant, each person is on a quest–to survive disasters, to stake out a place in the world, to find a voice and tell a story. These are stories students use to shape their own quests for meaningful lives and achieve their academic and life goals.

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