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My Name Is Wakawakaloch!

Title: My Name Is Wakawakaloch!
Contributors: Chana Stiefel (Author), Mary Sullivan (Illustrator)
Published by: HMH Books for Young Readers
Release Date: August 27, 2019
ISBN13: 978-1328732095
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Grades: Pre-K-3



In this lighthearted picture book, the intrepid, determined, and savvy Wakawakaloch learns to embrace what makes her special while lifting up her neanderthal community. Perfect for fans of Vera Brosgol and Emily Hughes.

No one can pronounce Wakawakaloch’s name. Why couldn’t she be called something simple . . . like Gloop? That’s a name you can find on a T-shirt! But after a visit with her tribe’s elder, Wakawakaloch discovers what her name means, and how powerful names can be. Gloop may be easy to say, but the girl who helps her friends embrace differences and wear their names proudly? Her name is Wakawakaloch!

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“For the child with an unusual name, Wakawakaloch feels the pain. Everyone keeps mispronouncing her name and she can't find it on a T-shirt anywhere. But some wisdom from an elder helps her see the value of sounding different.”
Lisa Tolin,'s "20 Best Kids' Books to Calm Back-to-School Jitters" 

“Wakawakaloch's frustrations surrounding the mispronunciation of her name will resonate with many, and her taking inspiration from her ancestor is a lovely touch. This bombastic main character allows the story to shine."
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Kirkus Review

"Energetic, colorful cartoon illustrations depict peppy, bushy-pigtailed Wakawakaloch in a Flintstones’-like prehistoric setting with witty, often anachronistic details, like cupcakes, the literally stone computers in the family’s cave, and a game called “Roll-the-Boulder.” The approach to subject will likely amuse while also encouraging respect and appreciation for the uniqueness of all names—and their proper pronunciations."

“I have a major book crush. Wakawakaloch is absolutely HILARIOUS! The text is funny and clever, the art is beyond adorable.”
Corey Rosen Schwartz, Children’s book author

“Me love book a lot. So funny and so kid-friendly. Excellent writing and illustrations...It's heartfelt, too! And the caveman theme is awesome.”
Diana Murray, Children’s book author