Animals on the Family Farm Series

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Title: Animals on the Family Farm Series
Published by: Enslow Publishers
ISBN13: 978-0766042070 (Turkeys), 978-0766042094 (Sheep), 978-0766042049 (Chickens), 978-0766042056 (Cows), 978-0766042087 (Pigs), 978-1464403552 (Goats)

Grades: 1-2

1) A turkey chick is called a poult.
2) Both male and female goats have beards and horns.
3) A hog is a pig that weighs more than 120 pounds.
4) Some chickens lay blue eggs.
5) Wool from a single sheep can make eight sweaters.
6) A cow eats 50 pounds of grass each day.

Find out the answers to these fun facts—and much more—in the new Animals on the Family Farm series (Enslow Publishers, 2013). Available in library edition, paperback, and eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & more.