Animal Zombies

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Title: Animal Zombies
Published by: National Geographic Children's Books
ISBN13: 978-1426331497

Grades: 3-7


Do monsters really exist? Find out for yourself in this fun-filled book, featuring some real-life wonders of nature: zombifying parasites, bloodsucking vampires, aliens, sea beasts, ghosts, and more. Discover more than 50 creatures with unusual talents, find out what makes each animal tick, and whether they are truly “monsters” after all. Features include eye-popping photography, spine-tingling scientific info, the most up-to-date research, and fun facts for extra knowledge. You’ll also meet the “Mad Scientist” experts who study these creatures, explore the creepy origins of their mythical counterparts, and learn how these spooky adaptations help them survive.

Big News! ANIMAL ZOMBIES! has been selected as a YALSA Top 10 Quick Pick for Reluctant YA Readers! Here’s the review from YALSA 10/9/2018:

“This compendium of critters is a treasure trove of eye-catching photographs and strange-but-true facts about some of the most bizarre and deadly animals on the planet. Covering such topics as zombies, vampires, and ghosts, Animal Zombies! debunks myths about misunderstood animals.

Creatures featured in the book range from the gross (worms that breed in your muscles and then spring from your leg, anyone?) to the unexpectedly gentle (vampire bats adopt orphaned bat kits). Glossy, full-color photographs fill each page, and the text is very accessible, with a glossary in the back of the book. The topical organization lends itself well to browsing. Each section features a biography of a scientist who studies the animals discussed, which will interest teens who are considering a STEM-related career.

Animal lovers, fact fiends, and horror addicts will all find something to enjoy in this book. Movie buffs will also appreciate the exploration of how these animals inspired famous monsters like Dracula, the Wolf Man, and the kraken. Fans of any fact or record book, such as the Guiness Book of World Records or fellow Quick Pick nominee Uncle John’s Top 10 of Everything will snap this one up.”

— Pamela Penza