Let Liberty Rise!

Title: Let Liberty Rise! How America's Schoolchildren Helped Save the Statue of Liberty
Contributors: Chana Stiefel (Author), Chuck Groenink (Illustrator)
Published by: Scholastic Press
Release Date: March 3, 2021
Pages: 40
ISBN13: 9781338225884
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For America’s 100th Birthday, the people of France were building a giant gift! It would be one of the largest statues the world had ever seen—weighing nearly as much as 40 elephants! But Lady Liberty arrived on our shores in 350 pieces. And she could not be put together without a pedestal to hold her up. Few of America’s millionaires were willing to foot the bill. And without funds for a pedestal,Lady Liberty would remain trapped in her crates, scattered about Bedloe’s Island.

Could everyday Americans—including schoolchildren—collect enough pennies to help Liberty rise?

Chana Stiefel’s charming narrative and Chuck Groenink’s playful illustrations highlight an inspiring story about the unstoppable spirit of America—and what we can accomplish when everyone works together!