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DADDY DEPOT (Feiwel & Friends) debuted on May 16, 2017. ANIMAL ZOMBIES & OTHER MONSTERS IN NATURE launched from NatGeoKids on 8-28-18. MY NAME IS WAKAWAKALOCH (HMH) debuts 8-27-19. LET LIBERTY RISE comes out from Scholastic in 2021. For kidlit, I'm repped by agent John M. Cusick from Folio Literary Management. For adult lit, I'm repped by Laurie Fox of Linda Chester Agency.  Please contact me


Titles by Chana Stiefel
Why Can't Grandma Remember My Name Daddy Depot Sweaty Suits of Armor The Great Hawaiian Sea Turtle Rescue Body Bugs



Wonderful article about WHY CAN’T GRANDMA REMEMBER MY NAME? (Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research, November 2016) in the Miami Herald 10/31/16:

“Enjoy reading about mouth-watering “delicacies” like roast swan, pottage (think gruel), blackbird-filled pies and more in this delightful romp through medieval cooking. In 48 pages, Stiefel covers royal food and feasts, as well as the peasants’ plight. [Stiefel] also looks at the constant threat of starvation that plagued the people of the Middle Ages. This gross-out book is gobs of fun. Stiefel’s prose is delightfully descriptive. Her conversational and humorous voice truly put the “story” in this history. Yet, at the same time, it’s clear this is a well-researched text. Stiefel includes quotes from people who lived in the Middle Ages, as well as other tidbits, like the shopping list for a 6,000-person feast. Gerald Kelley’s lively illustrations are a perfect match for the text, keeping the book fun and engaging for young readers. You’ll find it hard to put down.”

—Kirsten Larson,, February 2, 2013


“Armed with perhaps the best title of 2011 [“Ye Castle Stinketh”], this entry in the Ye Yucky Middle Ages series explains the inner workings of a castle—and why they were so disgusting. From enemies catapulting rotting animal carcasses over the wall, to the feasts of calves’ feet, to bathrooms that were little more than closets full of feces, Stiefel’s text suggests that castles were basically (shudder) “a giant dorm room” roughly the size of a football field. Crowded, filthy, smoky, and laden with rats and lice, these were indeed, as one chapter heading calls them, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Stinky.” Kelley’s gleeful illustrations are darn near Disneyesque and helped along by random splashes of slime—just, you know, for atmosphere. Glossary terms are in red, and they’re unusually fun. (Do you know the definition of a murder hole?) A colorful, wacky take on a pleasurably unpleasant topic.”

–Booklist Review by Daniel Kraus, October 1, 2011

“Chana is a total pro!”

–Elizabeth Ward, Editorial Director, Scholastic Inc. (New York, NY)

“Chana is a gifted writer who has the unique talent of being able to weave a great story while teaching science to her readers. Plus, she always meets her deadlines! She is a joy to work with.”

–Jane Katirgis, Senior Science Editor, Enslow Publishers (Berkeley Heights, NJ)

“Highly recommended. Chana is as professional a writer as any I’ve worked with. She is a thorough researcher and a talented stylist, extremely reliable with deadlines and revision requests.”

–Tod Olson, Editor, Scholastic Inc. (New York, NY)

“Just got the ‘hot off the presses’ first copies of the case study [Chana wrote]. It is amazing! Thanks to her ideas and writing it is a great piece that will, no doubt, be received well.”

–Scott J. Goldberg, Ph.D., Azrieli Graduate School, Yeshiva University (New York, NY)

“Chana is a talented and dedicated writer. She brings creativity and enthusiasm to her work, and finds clever ways to convey complex information in very readable prose. She is also a pleasure to work with, always maintaining a sense of humor and humanity in spite of the pressure to get more and more done under ever tightening deadlines — which, by the way, she never misses! I would recommend her wholeheartedly for a staff position or for individual project work.”

–Karen McNulty Walsh, Editor, Science World magazine, Scholastic Inc. (New York, NY)

“This overview book [Forces of Nature], created in conjunction with The Weather Channel Kids! compiles pithy and accurate information about the earth’s many quaking, blowing, dousing, burning, and all-around impressive phenomena. Each accessible spread is dominated by a central photo of severe weather and other natural forces in action (or the no-joke consequences) and a main paragraph, straddled by info-laden sidebars, lucid examples set off in boxed asides, and additional ‘Fab Facts.’ . . . The information is solid and will attract browsers while also serving as a nice one-volume supplemental resource for reports and projects. . . . This is a fine book to form a bedrock for earth-science and environmental studies. ”

–Ian Chipman,