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By Chana Stiefel

ISBN: 978-0-545-23747-5
© 2010 Universal City Studios Productions LLLP (The Weather Channel and Scholastic Inc.)
Grades 4-6
64 pages



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From gentle breezes to ferocious thunderstorms, shifting plates to violent volcanoes, this book explores the natural wonders of our exciting planet. Essential safety information included.


“This overview book, created in conjunction with The Weather Channel Kids! compiles pithy and accurate information about the earth’s many quaking, blowing, dousing, burning, and all-around impressive phenomena. Each accessible spread is dominated by a central photo of severe weather and other natural forces in action (or the no-joke consequences) and a main paragraph, straddled by info-laden sidebars, lucid examples set off in boxed asides, and additional “Fab Facts.” . . .  The information is solid and will attract browsers while also serving as a nice one-volume supplemental resource for reports and projects. . . . This is a fine book to form a bedrock for earth-science and environmental studies.

–Ian Chipman,