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DADDY DEPOT (Feiwel & Friends) debuted on May 16, 2017. ANIMAL ZOMBIES & OTHER MONSTERS IN NATURE will be published by NatGeoKids in 8-28-18. MY NAME IS WAKAWAKALOCH (HMH) debuts Spring 2019. For kidlit, I'm repped by agent John M. Cusick from Folio Literary Management. For adult lit, I'm repped by Laurie Fox of Linda Chester Agency.  Please contact me



COMETS AND METEORS: Shooting Through Space

By Chana Stiefel

ISBN 978-1-6271-7732-0
Copyright 2015 Rourke Educational Media
Grades K-2, Level L
24 pages



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What has a head, two tails, and shoots across the night sky? It’s a comet! Those flashing streaks of light are meteors! Find out more about these amazing celestial wonders as they zip through space.